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Free shipping on orders over $35

Free shipping on orders over $35

Smart Notebook Content

What can I do with it?

Keep your creative juices flowing, write down anything on the go, write it - do it - erase it- write again. You don’t ever have to worry about losing your notes again.

Simply write it down and if you don’t need them, take a wet cloth and erase it.

Why should I choose this over a regular notebook?

The smart notebook has a classic pen and paper feel and yet it can be used multiple times (over 500 times).

Unlike the regular notebook it does not fold or change its shape under pressure inside your backpacks. One smart notebook saves 2 trees and the cost of buying multiple notebooks for different reasons.

Revolutionary design

The pages are specially made with synthetic materials to Provide you with an extremely smooth writing experience. The ink from the specially designed pen takes 15 seconds to bind with the paper.

Just a drop of water and everything erases like magic. Even writing on It multiple times and erasing does not smear the ink or destroy the paper quality.

Never spend a fortune on multiple notebooks ever again!

One reusable notebook can be used multiple times (over 500 times) for multiple subjects.

It's easy to use design makes it a great choice to ditch white boards and keep just one smart notebook for all your lectures, notes and studies.

Feel the change!

Feel the change from a regular notebook to smart notebook that can be erased multiple times giving you enough space and time to keep everything together.

One notebook could be used over 500 times which means it Could save you 500 notebooks and a lot of trees.

Share your planning

The smart notebook comes with a smart cloud storage function. Download the “CamScanner” app and you can blast your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, iCloud and email. Both PDF and JPG form are available.