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Free shipping on orders over $35

The United States now is under a federal recommendation that people wear masks when they go out in public.

This is the latest effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic that has seen at over 2.5 million people worldwide become infected.


What is the difference between the KN95, N95, KF94, FFP2 respiratory face masks?

They are basically all the same. They have 95% filtration of particles >0.3 microns in size. KN95 is China code (95%), the N95 is the USA Code (95%), KF94 is Korea code (95%) and FFP2 is the EU code (94%).

The KN95 Surgical Medical Masks are made of the strong but lightweight breathable full mesh nylon material.


  • KN95 FDA Certificate
  • KN95 CE Certificate


  • The tip-shaped hanging ear design can prevent this dust-proof mask from slipping
  • Designed for comfortable protection.
  • Lightweight, humidity-resistant and latex-free
  • The elastic fabric completely fits the face, reusable with no peculiar smell.
  • The silicone adjustable nose clip is free to adjust providing user-defined sealing and preventing glasses from fogging.
  • Suitable for different face shapes of men and women.


  • Non-woven Fabric, Solvent Spray, Thermal Insulation Cotton


  • Antiviral Protection, Block dust particles, smoke, pollen, Anti-Dust, Anti-bacterial, etc.

About Mask:

It can isolate smaller particles and fit tighter to the face, it is not easy to leak air from the periphery, and the filtration efficiency of particulate matter can reach 95% under standard conditions.


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