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Free shipping on orders over $35

SimplySmart Home Automation Power Outlet with 2 USB Ports

This power socket instantly plugs in to existing power outlets to bring voice controls & remote access to your favorite plug-in devices in seconds, all without having to replace or rewire anything.

Once plugged in, it responds to voice commands, turns items on automatically when you arrive home, and has multiple timers for total smart power control. Additionally the power socket has 2 built-in USB chargers for charging phones and tablets, and a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate any room at night.

Control Switchmate virtually anywhere on your phone. Brings remote access to smart light switches.


  • Remote Access: Control Any Plug-in Device From Virtually Anywhere
  • Brings remote access to Light Switches
  • Built-In Voice Control: Turn Plug-in Devices On/Off Through Your Voice
  • Ready out of box & no voice hub required
  • Instantly Plugs Into Existing Outlets With No Tools Or Wiring
  • Multiple Timers: Schedule Plug-in Devices Around Daily Routines
  • Sunrise/Sunset Feature
  • Welcome Home: Plug-in Devices Turn On Upon Arriving Home & Turn Off After A Preset Time Phone or Wall Outlet Control
  • 2 Built-In USB Chargers: Charge phones and tablets without using an outlet
  • Built-In Nightlight: Illuminate Any Room At Night
    Portable: Take Power When You Move Or Travel
  • Perfect For: Bedroom, Family Room, Garage, Bathroom, Landscape Lights
  • Condition: New
  • Model: SMDSMPOT000N

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