8-Pack Refrigerator Mats – Assorted Colors – FitGenix

Free shipping on orders over $35

Free shipping on orders over $35

Featuring super low temperature resistance. Soft feel and high ductility allows items to stay in place. The convex dot pattern has a superior anti-skid effect. It’s also easy to clean too, just use a towel to wipe down.

High Quality Material: Refrigerator mats are made of high quality material, non-slip, sturdy and durable.

Size: 17.7×11.8×0.04inches
8 Mats – You will get 2 of each color (Blue/Pink/Green/Orange).
Fridge mats liners are waterproof and easy to clean
Applications: for refrigerators, cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, dining tables, bedside cabinets, shoe cabinets, countertops.

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