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Free shipping on orders over $35

  • Stop Snoring Naturally, Breathe Fresh Air, Health Life: Would you love never to snore and give your partner a good night's silent sleep relief? Improve your relationship through quieter sleep? Improve your breathing at night? 
  • Comfortable Nose Vent Plugs – Our snoring nose vents plug are made with atural silica gel material that flexes and bends to provide proper comfort and fit; does not become yellow after long-term use , anti-aging, soft and comfortable to touch without deformation
  • Easy to Use: Simply insert the nose vent plug into the nostril and sleep quietly. Nose Vent Plugs are easy to use. Not only can it work to prevent snoring but it can also help to eliminate dry mouth at night too. You will say goodbye to Awkward daytime sleepiness, mental alertness or other undesirable phenomena, bring you a new happy life.

  • Improve Breathing & Air:  With special scientific design, our snore stopper snoring solution nose vent plug not only prevent snoring, improve breathing, but also have built-in activated carbon filters to effectively filter PM2.5 in the air, harmful gases,large particle dust, mold, formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, etc, and provide you healthy air. Let you sleep in a clean and fresh room all night with this anti snoring device

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