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Free shipping on orders over $35

Free shipping on orders over $35


Walk confidently: Seize the day with confidence! Unlike most shoe upper inserts, which constantly move as you walk, our eye-catching honeycomb design keeps the cushioned half insole in place to stand out. You may even forget to wear them.

The right difference in height: Don't let the difference in leg length hinder your best life with yourself. Just put a high heel insole in the shoe and correct the difference caused by hip replacement surgery or alignment issues.

All-day comfort: lifting shoes for women with natural foot soles – this is the difference between our height-enhancing insoles and all other insoles. We use soft medical-grade PU foam with sweat-absorbing fabric to make high-standard insoles to keep you comfortable and fresh.

Almost invisible: The women’s feet are taken into consideration in the design and carefully cut. These invisible heightening insoles can provide you with the power you need without putting on or taking off in most shoes. From canvas, boots to heel shoes, everything.

Height Size:

---2.5cm→1 inch

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