Stainless Steel Digital Intelligent Temperature Measuring Smart Thermo – FitGenix

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Free shipping on orders over $35


    • The intelligent water bottle measures the temperature and reminds you every hour (with a blinking light) to drink your water. 

    • Equipped with an intelligent battery operated system that tracks your water temperature and records the time periods of your water consumption. 

    • Comes with a 500 mAh inbuilt battery that can last upto 30 days. 

    • Stainless steel body keeps your water cold or hot. 

    • The bottle is coated with an Anti-corrosion coat to prevent any types of corrosion or rust. 

    • The intelligent water bottle is also equipped with a tea infuser for people who love to carry their beverages on the go. 

    • The bottle is Eco-friendly and does not mess with any environmental conditions. 

    Wondering how it works?

    - Tap the lid to understand the temperature of the water inside the bottle.
    - Press and hold the screen for 3 seconds to turn on the water reminder; every hour after turning on the water reminder, the display's breathing light will illuminate to remind you to drink water (every time the breathing light comes on for 60 seconds)
    - It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge and can be used for about 30 days.
    - This product is a smart thermal cup with digital LED display, made of high quality stainless steel material for long lasting and durable use. It reminds you of drinking water and shows the temperature of the water.